Implementation of your business demands require some point and click configuration. Use the powerful out of the box capabilities of for your business needs.
This is the first step of our focus in Execloud to minimise customisation.


Those specialised requirements of your business can be met in a much shorter timescale using the built-in programming language. Apex is a strongly typed OO language and together with Visual Force Pages can extend standard CRM capabilities. At Execloud Consulting we provide development on the platform.


Gain +80% ROI on your Salesforce investment by providing the right training to your users. Expert end users and developers can utilise the system more effectively which can help improve the quality of your business process and data. Execloud can provide customised training for your users and developers.

Execloud Configuration

configure your system to your needs

Achieve a consistent UI by using standard salesforce pages. Execloud can help you customise pages using Page Layouts to organise and display different elements such as fields, buttons, links, related lists, charts, etc. Consistent look and feel of your pages can help faster system adaptation by your users.

We can help you organise your business data model into a relational model consisting of a set of tables – known as objects in These entities are crucial components of your system building blocks. It is critical to architect and describe the relationship of these components precisely. In-depth knowledge of platform, best practices, and your business requirements will ensure you land with the suitable design

Increase your end user efficiency and productivity by automating recurring activities. is equipped with out-of-the-box tools such as Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, Flows, and Process Builders to help you automate those repetitive tasks and free-up your end users to achieve a more productive day. A user friendly system encourages better system utilisation and effectively better data quality. More high quality data means more meaningful reports.

Meaningful reports help make your key business decisions. We can work along with you to configure and assist you to meet all your reporting requirements. Standard reports and dashboards provide visualise representation of your large dataset.<a name=”Development”/>

Execloud Development

Build a custom application

Whether you are trying to extend standard salesforce functionality or require a complete custom application on the platform, we can help you achieve your goal. At we provide professional advice to help you decide what solution suits you best.

There are many ways of achieving the same goal. What makes the difference is the path you take to accomplish the solution. Keeping in mind the best practice methods, platform potentials and limitations all can help on making those crucial decisions when architecting your design. Whether it is maintainability, backward compatibility, future release impact analysis or extendability, you need a professional advice to avoid ending with a system which is difficult to maintain and understand.

Increase your end user efficiency and productivity by extending the standard features by introducing automation into your salesforce system. If you reached limits of automation via Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, or Process Builders, we can help you customise your system to your exact needs by using Apex programming language.

It may be that you require more than 20 components on your dashboard to help analyse your users’ performance and KPIs. Or could be that the standard reporting solution can no longer meet your demands, or for any other reason you cannot use out-of-the-box solution, Visual Force pages, analytics APIs, and Apex can help you build your custom reporting solution.

It is highly likely that you are already using technologies other than SFDC for different areas of your business. Rather than creating silos of disconnected systems, you can allow the flow of data and information between your existing applications by using interoperability. We can help you integrate your existing systems with your SFDC org using REST, SOAP, or External Objects.